About Us

We are the Orgipix Productions based in Buenos Aires |Argentina.

Orgipix is a dynamic company, known in the international publishing market for the quality of its publications. Our goal is to produce comics with the most perfect artistic and cultural quality. We are focused on creating and distributing publications focused primarily on the adult audience | erotic content.

We work with Adult Digital Comics, Erotic and Hardcore videos (production and distributor), and 3D/2D animation for games and media interactive for Adult Only.
Our clientele is varied, including companies like Venus TV,  South American Broadcast TV, advertising agencies and small film studios.

Now, our focus is Adult Comic store, Interactive games, Erotic e-books and projects for Virtual Reality. 
We are developing projects based on 360 Spherical Video (monoscopic and stereoscopic) 3D Stereo and any other technology that arise.
We seek partnerships, customers and co-productions originating from anywhere in the world.